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About us

Hub Programs

We exist to empower poor and unemployed youth to innovate for sustainable societal transformation through mentorship, incubation and funding of innovative social enterprise start ups

Activate Talks

Monthly inspiring stories from social entrepreneurs in the “Stori Yangu Initiative”

Active Partnership

Networking corporate, civic and public actors for collaborative partnership and growing Active Hub subscriptions. &bnsp;

Active Mentorship

Fostering youth employability through entrepreneurship (business), life and leadership skills development.

Active Internship

Bridging the gap between institutional training and market needs and then placing volunteer interns in corporate, civic and public institutions.

Why Active Hub?

Unemployment is one of the major problems in Kenya. According to a recent UN report; The 2017 Human Development Index (HDI) by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Kenya’s unemployment rate stands at 40% and is the worst in East Africa. This means that nearly four (4) in every 10 Kenyans of working age have no jobs. The problem is magnified by the fact that 80% of unemployed Kenyans are below 35 years old according to the report. Youth unemployment also raises the question of youth employability because there is a gap between institutional training and market needs.

Youth unemployment and employability are particularly a concern in Trans Nzoia County. Majority of the youth in this county are poor, with limited opportunities to better their living standards. Many are illiterate, lacking relevant educational opportunities and the skills necessary to engage the labour market effectively even after acquiring institutional training. The result is increased crime, drug abuse, prostitution and all manner of social evils. Transnzoia, however, has the potential to create sufficient employment opportunities for its youth, especially through the growing sectors such as agriculture, agribusiness, social enterprise and service industry.

Vision and Mission


Empowered youth innovating for sustainable societal transformation

Mission Statement

We exist to empower poor and unemployed youth to innovate for sustainable societal transformation through mentorship, incubation and funding of innovative social enterprise start ups.

Specific Objectives

  • Mentorship: Facilitate free business, civic and public training for subscribed social entrepreneurs and leaders in areas not limited to creative communication, education, governance, environment, economics and technology. Training fee will be charged on unsubscribed participants.
  • Incubation: Provide co – working space and facilitate practical mentoring for select innovative ideas viable as social enterprise start ups.
  • Funding: Establish Active Hub Social Transformation Fund to discover, develop and promote the best social entrepreneurs across Transnzoia County.
  • Awards: Facilitate an annual Social Transformation and Leadership Gala Awards for the celebration of excellence in the Social Enterprise sector.
  • Resource Centre: Establish Active Leadership & Resource Centre for the empowerment of Social Entrepreneurs.

Core Values

  1. Inspiration: We create interactive platforms for information and inspiration.
  2. Instruction: We champion intelligent, impactful and intention mentorship.
  3. Innovative: We are creative, ingenious, intelligent and inventive in our work.
  4. Integrity: We maintain a culture of moral, relational and financial integrity.


We embrace a four-dimensional strategy in our work:

  1. Research: Periodic survey on existing social challenges and problems.
  2. Resource: Generate innovative ideas and sustainable solutions to social problems
  3. Reach: Incubate and implement innovative social enterprise start up initiatives.
  4. Review: Evaluate to improve social empowerment initiatives


We work with all stakeholders of social entrepreneurship including businesses, nonprofit initiatives, the government, unemployed youth and students in Kitale and the greater Trans Nzoia County.

Financing the Hub

Any social enterprise must be self sustaining while solving pressing societal, cultural and environmental problems. Active Hub, being such, must self perpetuate. Therefore, financing is a major pillar of the Hub. There are five (5) ways in which the Hub finances its operations:

  1. Active Hub Subscriptions
  2. Active Mentoring and Training Fees
  3. Sale of merchandise e.g. T-shirts, jewellery etc
  4. Active Talk entrance fees
  5. Exhibitions (charging fee for exhibition institutional stands at our talks and summits)
  6. Co-working space renting
  7. Donations from private, civic and public actors (partners)

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